The work shown in James latest project is born out of his love for his home city. This show is a marriage of James want to link his style of art work to a series of journeys he has made on London buses from one end of the route to another. The drawings and images displayed are coded representations of elements of the journey, such as motion, time and the atmosphere of travelling through the city.

The project started in 2005 when James set out on route number one from Tottenham Court Road to Canada Water. This project is ongoing and while on these journeys James creates a drawing (click here) and a sound recording of each route. The drawings map the movement of the bus by holding pen to paper, they have the appearance of a seismograph diagram. The journeys themselves are just the start of the project, they haveprompted the production of three series of drawings and images. These follow up series take the form of silhouette versions (click here) of the original drawings,
timed drawings (click here) and a series of large and small drawings using pins (click here).

The Barbican Library, in the Barbican Centre, in The City of London. This was a fantastic location to house this exhibition. The Barbican is in many ways a mirror held up to the rest of London. It is concrete mixed with green spaces, it is busy and vibrant as well as having tranquil enclaves and most importantly it has not only created its own personal history but is forward looking and promotes the contemporary.

The London Bus Project explores new ground as well as continue themes and ideas that James has worked on in the past. James studied painting at the University of Brighton in the late 90s where he developed a visual language using mostly monochrome materials to create paintings and drawings. These works were often abstract but as in the Bus Project were created from a combination of ideas that stem from previous paintings and non art influences.